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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Where the Hell is Spring?

We are vastly approaching the middle of March and warmer temps and the arrival of spring seems to still far far away. It's -2C and snowing, the forecasted 2cm is already more than double that, and the plow has gone by the house twice now. The ol' Vstrom is sitting in the garage feeling very neglected. So I decided to get a present for the bike to celebrate the so called "coming of spring", wherever the hell it may be.

 I ordered some Oxford heated grips today. I had a pair on my BMW G650, and loved them, they kept my hands nice and toasty. I even used them in the summer, as it kept my poor arthritic hands feeling nice.

The Strom is going to need some tender loving care this spring, my leaking clutch is still an issue, I think the seal on master slave cylinder is shot, and with over 20K miles on the girl, the valves need to be checked and throttle body sync needs to be done. So off to the stealership it goes.......as soon as the salt and snow is off the road. I am planning a road trip to Kentucky for this spring so I want the bike in tip top shape.

So what else have been up to besides not finishing up Episode 5. I had a really good start on the last episode, and then somehow I lost it. Seriously, for the life of me I cannot find the project anywhere on either of my two external drives, or the computers hard drive. WTF. Pissed me off to say the least, because I had put in about 12hrs of editing on it. That combined with being sick with shingles no less for two weeks (ya shingles, and I'm only 44, what's up with the old man sickness) 
Of course then there is work, hard to edit when you are not home, and now the missus has me working on bathroom renos.............again. Goodie.

What's up with the Ducati you may ask? Well it's my current "I really, really, want one of those bikes" Unfortunately I am lacking in the in the funds department, approximately $13,995 plus tax lacking. I have always loved Duc's, the Multistrada is an awesome bike, but the $20K plus price tag is really too rich for me, however the new Hyperstrada, based on the Hypermotard definitely fits the bill. Upright, comfortable seating with the performance of a sport bike and that sweet, sweet, Ducati sound. It's intoxicating.

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