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Monday, 28 July 2014

Fundy Hellfest

Our first non-motorcycle video. This one is about our 50km gruelling run/hike around the Fundy Circuit in Fundy National Park. They recommend 3-5 days to complete this.....we did it under 10hrs. It was tough, a lot tougher than I thought it would be. The terrain was brutal.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Fundy Adventure Rally

I received an interesting email last week from 'Arris the editor of Canada Moto Guide. He want to know if I would like to attend the first annual Fundy Adventure Rally being held here in New Brunswick in September. In exchange for getting into the rally for free, and free is good, I would shoot some video and edit together a small promo video. No problem......well in theory, no problem.

Click on the banner for more info and how to register for the rally

The part that may require some big effort and a lot of pain, is that the rally, which is 12hrs and 500km of dirt road and trail, is...........six days after our ultra marathon, the Deer Lake 67. Now, Pete and I ran a very hard, hilly, 6500ft of climbing and descending, 42km yesterday, in the hot sun for 5hrs and 35mins on the logging roads around Sussex. Today I feel like someone beat up my quads with a sledgehammer. The thought of standing or god forbid crouching (that hurts, and going down stairs) on the pegs of a BMW 800GS for 12 hours is haunting.

I won't be participating in the rally per say, more riding it, getting video, and doing some sweeping, for lost, and broken down riders. Perfect.

25km into a 42km run

"Whoa..... wait a minute...800GS, but you have a Vstrom 1000" Yes that is correct. I forgot to mention the good editor 'Arris promised me an 800GS to ride for the rally, since it was being sponsored by BMW and they are going to have demo bikes on hand. Achtung Baby. So with the help of some Advil and possibly Rub A535 on my legs I will be there.

He also asked me to do a presentation on our trip across Labrador, so with the help of an edited video, I can do that. I'm sure the presentation is designed to help everyone go to sleep before the big day of riding.

By Rob Harris, CMG
The Fundy Adventure Rally is designed for all Adventurists
The Fundy Adventure Rally (FAR) is a 12 hour, 500+km loop that uses easy dirt and gravel roads designed to accommodate all adventure bikes with a minimum front wheel size of 19-inches (cast or spokes) and stock(ish) tires.
There will be some more challenging options for those so inclined
There will be some more challenging options for those so inclined.
The main idea is to accommodate all dual sport and Adventure riders, from the relative novice who has yet to really venture off-road to the experienced off-roader looking for a bit of a challenge on an adventurous, picturesque, and memorable loop.
Of course, either way the real challenge is the distance but we’ve designed the loop to follow a road route quite closely, allowing riders who are getting tired or falling behind to hop onto the pavement and either catch up or merely finish the event in ease.
Doesn’t sound like a challenge? Well Mr Knievel, just for you we’ve added lots of technical options to accommodate the rider who wants a bit more of a challenge and has a suitable machine (21-inch front wheel, more aggressive tires, and some engine protection) to match. Although these options will vary in difficulty, the idea is to still enable big bikes with a suitable set up and capable rider to ride them.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Pete Pulls a Fast One

OK, just when I thought Pete would do next years invasion of the USA on his trusty "El Diablo" aka the KLR650, he decides to switch up. We were out for a training run for our upcoming ultra marathon in August. Ya, we are running, well more like wogging (a cross between walking and jogging), because only genetic freaks can actually run 67 km.

Anyway, on this training run Pete says to me, you get the Ural and I'll keep the retro old school tradition going and ride a Royal Enfield. I'm like "whoa, where did this come from!" Awesome idea, I never even thought of an Enfield.

This has Oxley written all over it.

So good luck getting across the border now, three scruffy Canadians with plans on burning down the White House again, aka 1812, riding Indian and Russian motorcycles. ( just kidding again about the burning of the White House)

Oh ya, that little run of ours.........only a month and half to go. We are wogging 40km tomorrow, somewhere in the Sussex area on ATV trails and logging roads. Pete's dad is a land baron of the Sussex hillside and owns a bazillion acres up there. Dave is currently busy mapping out a nice 40km route as I write this.

So bright and early tomorrow morning we head out on what will be Pete's longest run to date, and my longest run in 12 years.

This was halfway thru our last run of 30km. Ya I didn't look that happy at the end.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Next Year's Adventure Amended

Alright, I'm sure next years trip will change a half dozen or more times before it even gets close to kicking off. Scooters.....well I do love them, but lets be honest, I, I mean we, are not getting any younger and after a lot of thought.....sitting on a scooter for 2 weeks, with limited space for gear maybe a bit much for my 45 year old bones. 

So, my second love is a Ural, have wanted one for awhile, and those of you who know me, know that I have two awesome Labs, that I would love to take riding with me, aka I need a sidecar. 

So, I think the Vstrom will go for sale in the fall, and next year I will pick myself up a Ural Gear-Up. Two wheel drive, now they are fuel-injected with dual disc brakes. Yes believe it or not Ural has updated the bike from the 1930's. It is off roadable (not sure that is a word) so I can still adventure ride, and look really cool and hip while doing it. I mean that is the most important part right?

The plan still stays the same, invade the USA in Madawaska, this time on a Russian motorcycle, and Pete's ol' KLR or whatever he wants to ride, and hit a bunch of micro breweries and places of interest on our way down Route 1 to Key West Florida, which may or may not be a great kick off point for a Cuban invasion the following year.

Oh....and our good buddy Greg Hemmings, of Hemmings House Pictures wants to come along this time. I think we either make him suffer in the sidecar, or put him on the biggest piece of shit bike we can find. He can carry the bearspray this time.

Between Pete and Greg we can busker for gas money with the boys and their dualing ukeleles. I can play a mean set of spoons or the bongos. Yeehaa

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Next Years Two Wheeled Project/Adventure

I won't lie, I have an untold love for the scooter. Don't know why, but I just love the damn things. Maybe because I had one as a teenager, and we have one in the garage now that I love to rip around on. I think its the simplicity, jump on, twist your wrist and go. No other form of transportation can be this much fun under 70kph.

So this love of scootering had me thinking of what could be our next adventure to be filmed for your viewing pleasure. How about the two of us....Pete and I, maybe more if we can find anyone stupid enough to join us, invading the east coast of the good ol' US of A on Italian scooters. If your gonna scooter, it best be on a Vespa.

Invade the USA? Well just the east coast anyway, a two week trip from Madawaska Maine in the far north(well it's not that far north, not as far as Labrador anyway), all the way south to Key West, in the Sunshine State, with a stop in Washington DC to recreate the War of 1812 and burn down the White House. (Department of Homeland Security and the fine paranoid folks at the NSA that are spying on us, I'm kidding, I'm not really gonna burn down the White House....we come in peace, and in search of good beer)

Oh, and as an added spin on things, we are going to checkout the best micro breweries that the east coast of the USA has to offer along the way. I figure this is THE only way I am gonna convince Pete to come along on this one.

So sometime next year, possibly in the fall, Pete and Terry will once again hit the road seeking adventure, good beer, new people, and whatever interesting things can occur in a 4000km, two week scootering adventure.

Now to sell the Vstrom and get one of these.

Or one of these

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Two Wheels Thru the Big Land 5

Well kids, it's finally done, the last of the "Two Wheels Through the Big Land" series.

Hope you enjoy it.

Terry and Pete