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Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Time

Hey Kids,

Summer is in full swing, at least here in New Brunswick, I hear it's still a little slow coming over on da Rock. According to Mudder and Fadder anyway.

So what the hell have we been up to....well Pete and I have been getting in a lot of running in preparation for the Deer Lake 67. So far our longest run has been 24Km. Planning on 30km this weekend.

Bike wise....no real long rides so far, been using the Strom to ride back and forth to work, and of course in two weeks is the big Horizons Unlimited Rally in Nova Scotia which I'll be attending  and doing a presentation on our Labrador Adventure. I am also going to video a lot of the rally and make a video about it. Should be a really fun time with a lot of well traveled riders there.

Episode 5 is very close to being done. Some voiceover to record and a finishing touches and its ready to roll. The plan is to release the last episode at the HU Rally.

Next year will be another big bike trip, not sure where yet, but Pete and I will discuss over the winter.

This year the family bought two really cool things. One is a new dog....her name is Abby and she's a Yellow Lab, perfect companion for Molly. She is 11 weeks old now and settling in quite well with the fam.

The other is a new camper trailer. I initially wanted to get a motorhome, but those damn things are really expensive $70K plus, and a towable camper of any size needs to be pulled by a big truck...more $$$$. So I stumbled upon the cool world of teardrop trailers. They are small and can be towed with a regular car, like my VW.

So we bought a 2013 Little Guy  5x10 Silver Shadow trailer. The thing is awesome, and very retro. We also have the 10x10 side tent to go with it, which expands the living space so the kids and dogs have a place to stay, while Kim and I relax on the queen sized bed in the trailer.

So the next update will be the release of Episode 5, the last one, just before I hit the road for Nova Scotia. When I get back I'll update with a report on the Horizons Unlimited Rally.

Hope Everyone is having a great summer so far.

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  1. Love your teardrop. Angele and I had small trailers for many years, first a 13' Scamp and then a 17' Boler. Enjoyed camping all over the West Coast in them then spent two months travelling around the outside of the Usa from Vancouver to Shediac with the Boler. I eventually sold it to a family in Moncton.