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Friday, 19 September 2014

What's New This Week

Well, summer is basically over and the fall nip is in the air. Already they are forecasting early morning frost warnings. The leaves are starting to change to their fiery fall colours, and before you know it the bike will be tucked away in the garage for another hellish maritime winter. Time to double up on the Prozac, get out the happy light and begin the long wait for spring.

It was a very slow riding season this year compared to last. I am hoping to get in some good rides this fall before the snow flies. The real highlight of my year was the Fundy Adventure Ride as previously blogged. It was such a blast that I am currently searching for something a little more dirt worthy than the Strom for next year. I have decided to keep the might DL1000, because it is such a good bike, set up perfect, and great for touring. Everytime I ride it, I fall in love with it a little more. It has its quirks, the clutch chudder can be annoying at times, but that is a $500 fix, and there is a bit of FI stumble at 2500rpm. Not a range I normally ride in, but stuck behind a car at 45kph in 2nd gear always does it.

Hopefully I can get away for a couple of days in October on a ride. Not sure where I'll go, probably southward. Northern NB, and Quebec can be quite cold this time of year. Check the forecast and go. I'd like to go explore Vermont and New Hampshire.

So once again it's time to play.........What bike does Terry want now? Johnny who's our next contestant? Well Bob, it hails all the way from Japan, via Thailand, it's red, it thumps and it has EFI, Honda's CRF250L!!!!! come on down!

Yes, if I was a little wealthier, well a lot wealthier, I'd be looking at exotic Austrian bikes like KTM's 350EXC, or a Husaberg. But alas, I am a broke guy with too much debt, who doesn't have a spare $11K for a street legal dirt bike. Plus, I'm really not that great of a dirt bike rider, pretty good in the technical low speed woods stuff, but not that competent in high speed riding. Plus I really don't want a bike that I have to change the oil every few rides and air filters after every ride. 

The new for 2014 CRF250L is a tame dualsport aimed at the everyday rider. The single cylinder fuel-injected 250cc engine is based off the one in the CBR250R, with some changes to make off road riding fun. A low maintenance reliable bike for trail riding, commuting and light adventure touring. Perfect. The best part is the price.......wait for it......yes only $4999, brand spanking new.

The weak points, well the suspension is pretty budget from what I've heard. But that can be easily fixed, plus I am not that heavy, 175lbs. Another mod some owners do is a new exhaust pipe and header, and a smaller front sprocket. Not too bad.

I think it would compliment the Vstrom very well, and more less be set for just about any riding I'd like to do. Fundy Adventure Rally, no prob, get out the CRF. Road trip to Kentucky, Vstrom. Railway Trail in Newfoundland, CRF. Get it. 

So now comes the next problem.....the missus. Do I do my usual beg and plead, wear her out over weeks of nagging, or do I just buy it, bring it home and face the wrath for a couple of days. If I time it right I can bring it home just before I head out on a week long trip.

Next update will be a couple of weeks, I have a new Gerbings heated jacket ordered and I'll report on well that works, or doesn't work. I suspect it will be good considering the good reviews Gerbings products get.

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