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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Maritime Off Road Adventure Ride Documentary or Whatever Editor 'Arris is Gonna Call It

A few weeks ago Canada Moto Guide's mighty editor-at-large (he is six foot four) sent me a link to this video with an idea of doing something similar. It's a great video so I encourage you to watch it. It's endorsed by the ever famous Austin Vince of Mondo Enduro.

What first started out as a Moncton to Montreal route, soon changed to a loop style route throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The routing will be big bike rideable, and we will basically start in either Moncton or Saint John, head towards St. Stephen area and then north towards Edmundston before turning east for Bathurst or Miramichi then into Nova Scotia and down towards Digby and Yarmouth, and riding the ferry back to Saint John.

Being the lazy sods that we are, there is no way that we are going to even try and map that out on our own, so we are going to enlist the help of local riders along the way to guide us through their favourite trails, dirt roads, etc, taking pavement as little as possible. Similar to the video above, except the only one with an English accent will be 'Arris, and myself quoting Monty Python skits the odd time or two.

The best part.........we are going to film this for another Bigland documentary, so you will have another two-wheeled adventure to watch over next years cold, snowy, dreadful winter.

Right now the tentative plan is ride this in July sometime, I have to work out dates that coincide with my vacation ( I get an extra week this year, woohoo) and juggle family vacation time. We can't leave it too late in the year as it will start to interfere with Fundy Adventure Rally, which 'Arris becomes quite busy with.

Not sure what 'Arris will be riding, maybe a long-term test bike, or the ol' KLR, I'll be on the rally build CRF250L, this being the first big test for that bike.

If anyone wants to help out in routing us through the Maritimes, or would like to show us around their local riding area, give us a place to sleep, provide us with food, beer, gas, etc drop me a note, and we'll make sure you make it into the video and be guaranteed your fifteen seconds of fame. Or is that fifteen minutes? Whatever, I'll flash your mug across the screen.


  1. Sounds amazing.. I cannot wait to join in.

  2. to be more precise ;-) .. I do know Charlotte County and Queens County riding trails well. The CRF250L would chew it up but a big bike, well I would need to think about it a bit.. hopefully I can lend a hand one way or another. Sounds like an epic adventure

  3. Rod, I'll put you on the list as a guide and keep you up to date on our plans. Thanks dude.

  4. Hello
    I did not read all of your Blog, cause I just notice it a few minutes ago,while researching for TLH We are two woman going to do the same thing in summer of 2015, Right now we are in the praparation of what to take and what tires do We really need, My friend has a gs 650 she will be runnnging on Heidenau scout 60 and I have a versys 1000 and was wondering on putting tkc 80 or Pirelli mt 60 Corsa, Cause I know there a % of gravel to do, but my hole journey is about 75 % road, so I'M not shure if I want to ride all my 75 % on Knobbies ? the question is this by your experience What should I put on my versys 1000 ?? merci pour votre réponse. Nathalie et Maryse going to the Big land in 2015.

    1. Natalie et Maryse, Bonjour, and thanks for the note. The TLH was a great ride, be sure to take your time and enjoy everything. Tires....I used Metzler Tourances, which were fine on my Vstrom 1000. I had no issues, however it was dry the entire ride. There's about 750km of gravel between the TLH and Route 389. My friend on a 1200GS used Heidenau K60's, good wear rate, good on gravel and pavement. TKC 80's are good but will wear fast on pavement. Not familiar with the other tires.

      Be sure to checkout our videos series on riding the TLH, it will give you a good idea what it is like. "Two Wheels Thru the Bigland"

      Feel free to email me anytime if you have more questions. biglandadvride@gmail.com

      Good luck next year and keep in touch.