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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Spring is Here.....Finally and Oh What's That????? Another Twist in the New Bike Saga.

Let's be honest, the end of March may signal the arrival of spring in other parts of the world, but not in the Maritimes. It's still the dead of winter. It's May 2nd and the snow has finally gone and the ice is off the Kennebecasis Bay. Even though it's a balmy -3C this morning at 8am, today the sun is out and it's gonna hit.....wait for it....holy shit a whole plus 10C. Yes folks double digit temps.

All winter I have been planning on trading in the VStrom for a Yamaha Bolt. Well, after riding my strom again this spring, I find it increasingly difficult to part ways with the big ugly beast. It's comfortable, has bags of power, cruises the highway like a touring bike, and has a lot of luggage, and wind protection. Hell it's the Bigland bike. The ol' girl got me up to Labrador and back in one piece.

I have missed my little XR250R, and would like something like that, but street -legal. I hear it now, "here we go again, Burt has changed his mind for the umpteenth time." Yup, pretty much. Back to the CRF250L again? Nope. I'm thinking of going the WR250R route this time. 

One of the main reasons I did not ride the XR very much was, I had to transport it everywhere. I'm old now and convenience is everything in my life. If I can pull out of the garage and ride to the trail, hell ya I'm gonna use it. I also have the added benefit of connecting trails via roadway. Or if I'm running late, jump on the road and high tail it home.

Why the Yamaha this time. Well, since I have a very restrictive cash flow, the WR needs less mods than the CRF. Suspension is already good, and so is the motor. I'm really not that good of an off road rider so I really don't need anything too hardcore. Plus my friend Tim is the proud owner of MotoSport Plus the local Yamaha dealer. I feel like shit, because he had a 2014 Bolt put away in the garage for me to buy this spring, and now I'm changing my mind......again, or just going back to plan A.

As much as I wanted the Bolt, and to add a sidecar to it, plans have fallen in my lap that require a dual-sport. I cannot reveal too much at this time, but it may require another trip to the Rock, and possibly a trip on the Trans America Trail in 2017. Oh and there is also the Fundy Adventure Rally again this year, which I would like to compete in.

So with minimal amount of money I can get the WR set up for some light off road use. 
Right off the bat I see a need for hand guards, new pegs and folding shift and brake levers, folding mirrors and a small tank or tailbag. I have all the riding gear, so I am set in that department. Maybe a new helmet. I can always use a new helmet to add to the collection.

So what's the Minister of the Opposition (my lovely wife) think? Well she's giving me the "no more bikes, that was your last one" Well, I mean did she really believe that at the rip ol' age of 45, that was going to be my "last one". I mean come on. 
I'm sure I'll get the silent treatment for a week or so, then it will be the payback shopping trip, which so happens will be in NYC, because her and the kids are joining me there for the Victoria Day weekend.

What better present symbolizes my entrance into my "late" forties than a new dirt bike on my upcoming birthday.

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