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Friday, 3 July 2015

Taking in Two Travellers A Long Way From Home

I cannot imagine what it would be like to spend eleven months on the road. Does the road become home after all that time? What is even harder to comprehend is knowing you have another two, yes TWO years left in your journey. Then when the journey is over, what becomes a normal life again? I mean normal would be "on the road". I guess when you are in your mid to late forties with a family, job, mortgage, etc it's hard to wrap your head around it.

Growing up in Newfoundland in the '80's, there was no internet, and we basically had 5 TV channels, once we finally got cable. So the thought of traveling long distances to far off places never even entered my mind. I hadn't even heard of it on a motorcycle. I mean a big trip for me was driving with my buddy Dan to Halifax to go windsurfing. At the time I thought I was some kind of crazy adventurous surfer. Little did I know how pedestrian that trip really was.

I had a nice Honda Elite 125, that I should have loaded up and hit the road with. Went off and explored North America. Times were good then, no need for a passport (never even had one until I started flying with Air Nova in 1997). I had no responsibilities, no one to answer to. At the time I was making good coin as a lifeguard for the City of St. John's, work a year, save up some cash and hit the road in the spring.

If it was all possible to wind back the clock, I would. I wouldn't change my life in the present, but I would have done things differently when the time was right to do it. Unfortunately there are no do-overs in life, so my opportunities for travel and exploration will have to be on a small scale until retirement.  Or I get to live vicariously through young people like Ed March and Rachel Lashem

In a previous blog I told you about the opportunity I had to meet them, and chat briefly with them, well last Sunday evening they showed up on my doorstep, soaking wet in the cool, June rain. A hot cup of tea and good meal and they were right as rain again.

What was really funny was that my daughter and her friend had just finished watching Ed's movie Malaysia to the UK, and then lo and behold he's standing in the porch soaking wet.

They spend three days with us, mostly chillin', catching up on journals, blogs and Ed uploaded his latest video.

I hoped they enjoyed they're stay here, it was a real treat having them with us. I know my two daughters thought it was pretty cool. Katie thought Rachel was really cool, and it was nice to have the girls see a woman do a big, make that HUGE, two-wheeled adventure. Katie was actually disappointed that they only stayed 3 days. "Dad, how come they aren't staying a whole week?"

We wish them all the best, and lots of luck on their journey south to Argentina.

So, if I had the chance now to do what they are doing would I do it? If I could without having to miss my family..........YES. Although it would have to on something bigger than a C90. My old bones need a little more comfort I think.

So after spending three days with them, and hearing all about their adventures, I am amped up for another one. Plus I watched our Two Wheels Thru the Bigland which I forgot had been re-edited and aired on AdvTV in the US. Here is the youtube link.

Some bad words were edited out and copyrighted music was replaced.

So Terry needs a week long adventure somewhere again. Something off the beaten track. I really want to do the T'Railway Trail in Newfoundland, but that will have to wait til next year, and will require a slightly smaller and more off road capable bike.

I still really want one of these.


  1. I might have Pete interested in that too. Plus I'd like to make a video out of that. No real good ones out there.