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Monday, 10 August 2015

The Next Projects............Beer, Wine, Motorbikes.

It's been a long while since "Two Wheels Through the Bigland" was completed, and I am getting the itch to do another video series. I do plan on making a short documentary on the second annual Fundy Adventure Rally over the winter. So that should keep me busy. This is something that I'll be doing separate from CMR's promo video.

For 2016, I have had so many ideas that it's hard to keep everything straight. One idea was the Newfoundland Railway Trail, but that requires new wheels, and after giving it a lot of thought, I don't think the interest would be there for viewers. Documentaries and video itself need human interaction. Shots of bikes careening down endless trail is boring. Plus I'd like to draw in viewers from not just the two-wheeled demographic and try and go a little bigger this time.

Working full-time and having a family limits the time available for extended travel, so I have to take that into consideration. Two or three day trips here and there are quite reasonable, plus I'd like to showcase my now home province of New Brunswick. It's no secret the economy here sucks, but it is a beautiful province (in the summer anyway) with a lot to offer.

Who here doesn't like BEER and WINE? For those of you that do, you can stay, the rest of you tea totallers git out.

First up........beer. After a lengthy 10sec search on Google, I have discovered that there are at least 8 microbreweries in New Brunswick, and a whopping 19 in Nova Scotia! That's a lot of beer to discover.

Now for those of you with a more sophisticated palette and like to drink with you pinky finger extended there are at least a dozen wineries each in NB and NS. That's a lot of grapes to stomp.

So, take two mildly sophisticated, middle-aged dudes with just a touch of redneck, or bayman, yours truly and once again Oxley, two motorbikes, some cameras, and off we go to explore the alcoholic regions of the Maritimes. Introducing you to the best in beer, wine, scenery, and people of the great Canadian east coast.

So now all I have to do is run this by Pete, which, knowing him won't be a hard sell. Two wheeled adventures and alcohol (not at the same time of course) so he'll be all over that like a fat kid on Smartie. No disrespect to fat kids. Someone has to eat all the Smarties. 

So now we need to find Pete a bike, since he sold the mighty KLR. Two sophisticated, mildly retarded, and devilishly handsome guys need two really cool two-wheeled steeds that can take them through the backroads of the maritimes.

I'm thinking we can even get our old, SUPing, surfing pal Greg Hemmings involved in this. He loves his beer and wine.

Stay tuned for further as this unfolds, or doesn't unfold, knowing me and my harebrained ideas.


  1. They are not ruled out, but something about the Guzzi talks to me.