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Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Rucking Good Time

The past couple of weeks I've been getting to know the mighty Ruckus. It's limitations, there are many, and what it does well. Not so many. We have just over 300km on the little beast so far, and everyone in the family is loving it so far.

My oldest daughter Maggie spent the day riding it on her scooter training course at Motorcycle Safety Quest. This week she passed all her written tests, did the road test and is now a fully licensed scooter girl. I am a very proud and worrying father now. She has since ditched the Ruckus for her Honda Giorno.

My youngest, Katie, who can't even get her licence for another two years is using the Ruckus as a minibike. She's tearing up laps around the yard, and on the green space across the street.

The big reason I bought the Ruckus over a Yamaha BWS50 was the low seat height, so it was easier for the girls to ride, and I think it is much cooler looking.

I've been using it mostly for running around town, where it has proved to be quite a good little commuter, getting 170km on 4l of gas. Not too shabby.

The huge limiting factor is the 49cc engine, it's anemic, but I guess, what can you expect with 4hp, and a CVT. Steep hills really slow it down. I rode some that are 7-12%, and the little GET engine struggles, but will grind it's way up, slowing from 50kph to 30kph. This would be an amazing scoot with a 125cc engine. Which is an option available.

Even though the little Ruckus doesn't have enough power to get out of it's own way, it's a total hoot to ride, and puts a huge smile on my face. It just takes a little attitude adjustment after coming off the big bike. It's not about speed. It's about fun. The big tires also make it pretty capable off road, as long as you go slow, it's no KTM, or even an XT250. The suspension is meek at best, the big tires soak up the worst of the bumps. But if you're willing to putt along at a snails pace the Ruck will more than get you there. Gravel roads are where the Ruck likes it best. Like FAR A Routes.

The other downside to the Ruckus is the lack of storage. Most conventional scoots have underseat storage. The Ruckus kinda does, the seat opens up, but it is really only good for storing a backpack. It's all open underneath. I have my old Wolfman tank bag in there right now and it does the trick. I did order a storage kit, that encloses the area underneath the seat. The nice thing is that it still leaves some open storage area toward the back for strapping down a dry bag.

I thing the Ruck would make a good little kite surf exploration vehicle. Kitesurfing requires little gear, kite folds up small and the board is not that big. Plus you can ride it right up the beach. Big tires, big fun.

The other benefit to the Ruckus is if I decide to take a surf/windsurf trip to say PEI or the Magdalen Islands, it gets loaded in the truck with the rest of the gear, and I have some cheap, fun transportation while I'm there. No wind or surf, explore time on the scoot.

Next update.......thoughts on going full on scooter, and ditching the Guzzi. 

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