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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Honda's ADV Scooter...........Perfect Bike??? Is it a Bike? Scooter?

Honda has been teasing us with glimpses of it's latest maxi-scooter. Let's be honest, from what we can tell it doesn't really fit into the scooter category, nor does it fit in with the motorcycles. Scooters typically have a CVT transmission, using belts, pulleys, etc to make the back wheel move. This new "scooter" from what we can tell uses the same transmission as the Africa Twin DCT model.

First teaser video

Now we have all seen the concept bike/scooter pics released from the Japan Motorcycle Show, and Honda in fact is putting it into production, but what that will look like is still sort of a mystery.

The new City ADV as it's called is based around Honda's 750 Integra, which is only available overseas. I cannot imagine Honda selling a lot of these in the land of the V-Twins, and assless chaps.  Not sure what they were thinking with the NM1, unless there is a large legion of Batman wannabes looking for a Batbike.

I think Honda will release the City ADV or X-ADV to the North American market. The ADV segment of motorcycling is growing faster than any other right now, and the population with any real money to spend is getting up there in age.

So when you are too old to throw a leg over that 1200GS or Africa Twin, but still want something cool and ADV style to ride, with a decent motor, you can step through the City ADV, and be riding again after that double knee or replacement surgery.

I am very excited about this bike/scooter, whatever. It kinda ticks off most of the boxes for me. I love a scooter, would still like to ride gravel roads, and it has a good sized engine for touring. Oh, and when my hips and knees are shot from too much trail running, I can slide onto the seat and go for a ride. It's like the off spring of an Africa Twin and a Ruckus.

So fingers crossed that Honda does indeed change my horizons forever.

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