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Saturday, 19 November 2016

It's Been Awhile

I haven't written anything moto related in quite awhile, I guess there hasn't been much to write about from my perspective. I have been focusing most of my energy on my true love of surfing, so everything two wheeled has taken a back seat.

I have been riding, just not a lot. The Guzzi has been out a few times, and I continue to run errands as much as possible on the Ruckus. The season is coming to a close quite fast, and there are really only a couple of days left if you look at the forecast. Next week the highs for the day are barely above freezing. Once the salt hits the pavement, riding days are few and far between.

Out for a ride with my cousin Rylan and his wife Emily when they were down for a visit from Ontario.

Kim and I did some scooter riding together.

This weekend I'll be putting some stabilizer in the Guzzi, and the scoots giving them a wash and hooking up the trickle charger. The scoots need oil changes so I'll get that done before it turns real cold.

I had a bad year for riding, it started off shitty and continued that way for the rest of the season. Rob Harris' death had a big impact on that this year. It happened on my birthday while I was away traveling on the bike, and it fucked me up. Here I was in a hotel room 1000km from my home and my family, and I wouldn't be getting back for another week. It sucked, because all I could think about was being with my girls.

After my week of flight simulator training, I did the 12hr ride home from NYC in one day.

But, like everything in life, time heals old wounds, and in the last couple of weeks I have been thinking more and more about riding, and going on trips again. Really up until two weeks ago I was ready to sell the Guzzi and be done with it.

Yesterday I realized that was indeed back to normal again. Whatever normal is? My friend Tom emailed me to say he was in a bike accident. Car pulled out on him while riding down a gravel road on his KLR. It gave me flashbacks to May 14th. Luckily Tom escaped with only minor injuries, a broken wrist and ankle. In Tom's words "I got out of dish duty for two months" Oh.......the KLR will need a new fairing. Here's to a speedy recovery Tom.

Tom is now one of the organizers of the FYNOR (Freeze Your Nuts Off Ride) a ride I had hoped to participate in this year, but was away working.

I still want to ride, and I am still planning my annual bike trip to New York for work next spring, and hopefully the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally in June.

I'm hoping 2017 is gonna be a better year, cause 2016 so far has sucked, and it's almost over.

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