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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tale of Two Riders

I'm gonna keep this short this week, it's about two riders, one, you most likely don't know, having a ball on a trip of lifetime, and the other, a talented, well loved motorcycle racer fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

Pete sent me a text the other day with a couple of pictures attached. They were of his friend, John Galloway, on a trip of a lifetime in Vietnam. I've met John a couple of times, used to own an R6, and then was inspired by the lure of adventure and went out and bought a lightly used BMW 700GS, from another mutual friend and neighbour Jen.

John is currently in Vietnam riding a 125cc scooter around
exploring what looks like an amazing country.

Oh, and he is rocking a Bigland Adventures t-shirt too. Might be the closest I come to ever getting there.

I'm gonna see if John can write something up about his adventures to post up here for your reading enjoyment.

On a more sombre note, one of the world's most talented road racers Nicky Hayden was severely injured in a bicycle accident in Italy this week, after being struck by car. 

I've followed Nicky off and on throughout his career, especially when he was coming up behind Miguel Duhamel on the Honda team in the AMA 600 series. The Kentucky Kid won pretty much everything on American soil and went on to a successful career in MotoGP. Recently he had just made the jump to World Superbike. 

Nicky comes from a big family of racers, inheriting the famous number 69 from his Dad. He chose 69 because you could still read the number when the bike was upside down in the ditch. 

Last report was Nicky was in very critical condition with a severe brain injury.

There has been an outpouring of well wishes from fans and almost everyone in motorsport. This weekend all the Nascar drivers put a 69 sticker on their cars to show support for Nicky and the family. 

We are hopefully of a full recovery, but this is eerily similar to another tragic accident with another famous racer. 

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