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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bad News and Good News

Yesterday was one filled with some bad news, which for Pete and I was a relief of sorts and some good news too.

Greg Hemmings met with OLN last Thursday, and the network has decided to "pass" on our concept for a show. Apparently we have faces for radio, and no one wants to see two middle aged guys trying to relive lost moments of their youth riding around on motorcycles. Actually they said to Greg "they want over the top characters in crazy situations". Well that is not really what I had in mind for a show, I'm not jumping off a bridge in a pink tutu attached to some giant rubberband to hopefully garner viewership ratings. This isn't Jackass.

Maybe we can put something more "mature" together for the Travel Channel. Pete and Terry travel through Europe on a two wheeled wine tasting tour, or the history of the Irish pub by motorcycle.

Good news, the trip to The Rock and the Labrador is a still a go, Pete and I made our ferry reservations on Marine Atlantic, from North Sydney to Port aux Basques.

Other good news, Greg is going to put together a web series of our trip for Olympia Motosports to thank them for the awesome riding gear they sent us.

One more thing, since Big Land Adventure Ride Films doesn't have to be strictly two wheeled based, I'm thinking of doing a documentary on my other love.....stand up paddleboarding/surfing. A small 15-30min video on our little group of paddlers in Saint John, and the lengths we will go to ride waves in a places where we just don't get real good surf. Hey Hemmings......you listening to this, I hear indie short film award for this one.

The last thing.......I'm trading my XR250R, my much loved, but under used dirt bike for this...

an Aprilla SR50 scooter. A 2-stroke, 80kph Italian fun machine. It's like the Ducati of scooters. Plus since it is only 50cc, my wife Kim can ride it as well. So stay tuned for my adventures on this. Mad Bastard Rally anyone......?

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