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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Style of Bike Doesn't Define the Adventure - Pete

You know ferry terminals are great places to watch motorcycles roll in. You get every manner of bike I described in my last blog post. Today I was pumped to see three scooters ride in. They all looked like Italian jobs, however I know very little about scooters. I was in line in the car with my wife and kids en route to a little Jimmy Lewis time on the south shore of Nova Scotia (that's surfing). I said to my wife, I have to chat with these Cats. I walked over and struck up a conversation with the trio. Their names are Justin, Dan (in the middle) and Alena. They were riding the loop from Halifax to Saint John and back via the Digby Ferry, a distance of over 700 km. I noticed they had Halifax Scooter Council signs on their rides. I hadn't heard of this group before but after hitting the google machine I discovered this is a group of scooter enthusiast in Halifax Nova Scotia and surroundings. The groups mandate is as follows:

The Halifax Scooter Council (HSC) is a group of scooter owner and enthusiasts located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding area. We meet up on the weekend for group rides, during the week at a local bar for drinks and scooter talk, and once a year for our amazing Rally In The Valley.     


Although Alena, Dan and Justin, were on the back end of a fairly long ride they looked fresh as daisies. In fact Justin mentioned the nice thing about scooters is the protection the front faring provides. He smiled and showed me his riding sandals. Safe travels.

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