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Monday, 2 September 2013

Pete's Words - 400km that ended with a spicy twist

Yesterday we rode a bunch of KM’s on road that was not fit for animals and Terry told you about the bear spray so let’s move on to today.


We had breakfast with a Goosebay local called Jimmy. Jimmy is a 29 year old military guy with an infectious attitude about life and a love affair with motorcycles (particularly KTM’s). Jimmy has been stationed in Goose for a couple years and has taken advantage of the big land, to ride bikes, camp, fish, hunt, procure av gas etc. He was kind enough to show us around Goose today before we embarked on our ride to Churchill Falls.


The ride to Churchill Falls was very pleasant. The road is freshly paved most of the way and of very good quality and like most of the slab up this way not too busy. The final 60 KM or so was still virgin gravel with the intention of dressing up in a suit of asphalt sooner than later. The lessons we learned on the 400km + gravel ride yesterday were not wasted and the three of us hammered the final 60 with more speed and finesse than the proceeding KM’s we clocked on the slab. I was actually having fun travelling 80-100 km/hr standing on the pegs with the back end flying around. Dwights words kept ringing in my ears. If you start to slip give it more gas. Truer words have not been spoken about the Trans Lab.


One last word about bear spray. As I write this the backs of my fingers are still burning. I am not sure why they are but they are. This stuff sticks around longer than toe nail fungus.


Off to Wabush tomorrow. We are told that the road is paved the entire way so it will be a 250-ish km run on the slab.

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