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Monday, 2 September 2013

Pete's Words - Great People of the Big Land

The thing that has struck me most about our journey in the Big Land is not the unbelievable scenery but the amazing people that live here and travel here. We have met so many cool and interesting people in a short journey. People like Garl and Liz (Terry's relatives) who went out of there way to make us feel at home, to Darrel our buddy from Florida who was a cool cat we should all aspire to emulate, to Jimmy our KTM wielding friend we met in Goose after he reached out to us on one of the adventure rider forums and offered us a place to stay sight un seen. Then there was Dan and Cathy our friends from Maine we kept bumping into.
Amazingly when Terry was having a few mechanical issues in Wabush, I sent a text to my brother-in-laws, wife's cousin (whom I have never met) and 20 minutes later when we were standing in the hotel parking a pickup pulls up and the driver gets out and asks, are you Peter? This was Darrel Peddle and his Father-in Law who diagnosed Terry's bike issue and sent us on our way. Then there were all the nameless drivers who would slow down when they saw us stopped on the side of the road and would give us the thumbs up sign, waiting for us to respond with the same before accelerating away.
What I believe I have witnessed on this ride is a certain dignity in people that comes from having the confidence to rely on yourself in an unforgiving environment.

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