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Thursday, 2 October 2014

I'm in Love......With a Rugged Italian Beauty

Yes folks I am madly in love, and no it's a large masculine Italian woman. My darling wife.... no it's not another woman, yes, once again it's another week and another bike to lust after for yours truly. It's different this time. Honestly.

Ducati has been teasing us with a new Scrambler for the last few months. I honestly wasn't paying too much attention. I love the Italian breed, but the only Ducati's I would consider would be a Multistrada or Hyperstrada. Both a little to rich for my wallet, and they didn't really stir my soul. I liked them, but didn't really want one.

While surfing the pages of CMG this morning I came across an article unveiling the Scrambler. Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture of the new Scrambler left me speechless. Love at first sight. There was even a Euro/hipster video with cool young people longboarding, kitesurfing, and even windsurfing. One of my longtime passions. I mean this bike just screams Terry Burt.

Sporty/hipster video

If it wasn't 6am in the morning I think I would have called Troy at Atlantic Motoplex and put a deposit on the first one they get. Not many bikes have given me that reaction. It reminds me of when I first saw the new redesigned MINI Cooper in 2002. I had to have one. I rushed out and put a deposit down and waited three months for my car to arrive. I had the fifth MINI Cooper in Halifax at the time.

According to Ducati, there will be four different models, which to me are just cosmetic and price differences.

The Icon will be the first model available in Canada and will retail for $9299, the Full Throttle will be $9995, Urban Enduro and Classic for $10,995. Damn good price for a new Ducati me thinks.

Jamie from MotoGeo can tell you all about the new Duc.

The big question is.........will I buy one? I do love it, but it's just a picture right now, I'd have to throw a leg over it to be sure, although I've always wanted a Ducati, and this one seems perfect. Nice big engine in a simple bike that I can ride on logging and dirt roads, commute to work and then throw on some soft luggage and take off for a week on the backroads. What's not to love.

Now to decide on what model of Scrambler to get and the all important question....what colour?

For more info, pics, etc go to Ducati's Scrambler website http://scramblerducati.com/en

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