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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fundy Adventure Rally is Finally Here!!!

Today is the big day, the one we have been waiting eagerly for all year. It's the Christmas for adventure riders in the Maritimes. The Fundy Adventure Rally. It officially starts tomorrow, but I am headed to Adair's Wilderness Lodge this evening.

I've spent the last two days getting everything prepared, notebooks, camera gear, SD cards, chargers, GoPro accessories, laptop, assorted cables, microphones, etc. Then there is my riding gear, boots, pants, jacket, rain liners (yup, gonna be a wet one this year) gloves, goggles, helmets, hydration device, GPS, and mount, cables and power adapters for said GPS, tank bag, and what else am I forgetting?

I won't be riding up this year, the Guzzi is staying tucked away in the garage, so the truck and the Little Guy trailer are going. Since BMW has so kindly let me ride 1200GS this year, I figured why not bring the camper.

As much as I like my bunkmate from last year, Brad, his snoring was a little loud, so this year I get my own private quarters to rest up in, and it frees a spot for another rider in the cabins. I thought of riding up and tenting, then saw the forecast of rain, and said screw that.

Maybe next year I'll have a more dirt oriented bike to bring with me to the rally, I do eventually want to add a dual sport to the stable.

The plan for this weekend is as follows:

Thursday, Adventure Riding School. Armed with an 1200GS, I will be honing my off road skills in the adventure riding school. This was a last minute sign up, 'Arris said there was a spot open and I could take it if I wanted. Well, some more schooling could never hurt and it will help me come rally day.

Friday, BMW demo rides, and self-guided GPS tours of Fundy National Park. Hopefully I can steal 'Arris's CMG 1200GS, or the CRF250L for a little Fundy tour. It would also be good "bike review" opportunity.  Registration and riders meeting is that evening. Plan to meet Joe, Matt and Jason. The three lads my documentary are focused on, and get some pre-rally interviews.

Saturday, the big day, the rally itself kicks off at 0700. It's going to be a long busy day for me. I get to enjoy some of the route and will be trying to get as much quality video as possible, chasing down riders and setting up shots. The first half  or so of the rally I'll be following the "lads" for the documentary, and getting additional vid for CMR. There is a mandatory stop at Salisbury where I'll be harassing riders for interviews.

Somehow I have to time a bug point and bail back to Adair's to catch the first riders coming back to the finish. I think there maybe some map and GPS track study in my near future. Like tonight, and tomorrow.

Following the race will be a BBQ and chill session. Everyone is gonna be pretty knackered, so the organizers figured it would be best to have the awards presentation on Sunday morning. It also gives them more time to go over the GPS, and SPOT data. It will give me some time to put together a little video too.

Sunday Awards presentation, and breakfast, pack up, say goodbye to everyone, and head home.

Then it's the next few months going thru hours of video, picking out the good stuff, splicing, editing, recording voice overs, finding the right music, and putting it all together in a storyline that makes sense. Easy. Oh and doing this while working and maintaining a family life at the same time.

Hopefully, I'll have a decent internet connection from Adair's and can provide a daily update with pics.

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