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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fundy Adventure Rally Plans

The second annual Fundy Adventure Rally is exactly one week away, and I'm guessing, like me, the other 98 riders involved are all getting excited and prepared for what will be the biggest and best off road adventure ride on the Canadian east coast. Somehow Ontario gets called the east coast, but it's not, I mean it's kinda east, and they have a coast, if a big bloody lake counts, but it's not the same and no it doesn't count.

Now if you haven't signed up for the rally yet.........well you're shit out of luck, it's full, they won't  take you, even if you're wafer thin. (bit of a Monty Pythonism there)

Once again the mighty editor-at-large Capt 'Arris and his lovely wife Courtney, who's really in charge of this whole thing have made me the official videography of this two-wheeled, dirty shindig. Their budget is tight and therefore could not afford a real videographer. My rate is pretty cheap, loan me a BMW for the rally, cover my expenses, and I'm happy as a clam.

My trusty steed from last year

Last year I took all the footage I recorded, plus various helmet cams from other riders and put together the above video to promote the rally for CMR. Editing is a lot of work, and it was a collaborative effort between Rob, Courtney and myself. It was a good learning experience on how to play nice with others. 

This year as well as making a new promo video, I'll be making a documentary on the rally. It will be my creative vision only, however constructive criticism will be taken under advisement. The documentary will centre around one particular team.

Which team you ask? Well, I just happened to post on the FAR Facebook page and a couple of riders messaged me. It should be good, all three have never ridden in the rally. Bonus. All three are from different places. Bonus. They have never met each other. Bonus again. The cast of characters will be from Ottawa, Saint John, and yes, one from the Rock. What documentary is complete without a Newfoundlander. Of course I am a little partial to that.

The Guzzi, the Guzzi, what about the Guzzi? I won't be riding the Guzzi in the rally, can't be that mean to her just yet, hell it's not even broke in. Maybe next year on the A routes. I mean after all, I didn't buy it to keep it clean and pristine. It's not a Harley. Plus I may, just may, have a big dirty adventure for the jiggly, jugged Italian next year. Some rear suspension upgrades maybe required.

See you all next week at Adair's.

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