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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dust2Glory - New movie in the works from legendary film maker Dana Brown

Dirt bikes speeding through the Mexican desert, leaving a huge trail of dust under a setting sun is an image I'll never get out of head thanks to the movie Dust to Glory.

If you are into off road racing then chances are you've seen the movie, and most likely like me, you've seen it more than once. Film maker Dana Brown made you feel like you were a part of the 2003 Baja 1000 while relaxing in your lazyboy at home.

According to a Facebook post from Race-Dezert, Dana Brown is back with another Dust to Glory movie, fittingly called Dust2Glory. Nothing has been posted on Dana's website yet, and no release date. Hell, he may only be shooting this years Baja, which means a one to two year wait before the film comes out. That's a lot of waiting.

photo from Race-Dezert

I am very excited about this, beyond excited. Dana and his father Bruce are the masters of storytellers in the motorcycle world. All you gear heads have seen On Any Sunday, one of the best movies ever made about motorcycles and racing. If you haven't, stop what you're doing and go to iTunes, get it, watch it, then come back to my blog. Here's the link On Any Sunday

Dana and Bruce Brown

photo from Dana Brown Facebook page.

More recently Dana paid homage to his father and made On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter. Which was a pretty ballsy move in my opinion, since the original had such a hardcore, cult status following, that any remake would garner harsh criticism. I loved it, and thought Dana really honoured the original with a modern day spin, and really brought viewers into the world of two wheels.

What most of you gear heads don't know is Bruce and his son Dana are more well known for their surf movies. Classics like Endless Summer, Endless Summer 2, Step Into Liquid, and HighWater.

So for me Bruce and Dana are like my heroes, making awesome motorcycle and surf films. Two of the sports I love the most. 

With that in mind, I hope I can put together a documentary on the Fundy Adventure Rally, with the same feel as Bruce and Dana's films, but with my own creative spin. Creative spin meaning, lacking the skill and vision of the Brown's and being more of a Burt hack job. 

Maybe another evening of watching Dust to Glory, Endless Summer, On Any Sunday, and Step Into Liquid is in order to fire up my creative juices.

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