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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Honda Grom Scrambler Concepts

Seems like everyone is jumping on the "Scrambler" bandwagon as of late. Triumph has "been there done that", for quite a longtime with it's Bonneville Scrambler. Then Ducati jumped onboard with it's Scrambler versions, Moto Guzzi even has one for 2016 based on the V7II. So having a basic motorcycle slightly pimped out for dirt roads is the "in" thing to have these days.

What I didn't see coming was a Honda Grom Scrambler. Whoa. Apparently Honda will be introducing these new concept bikes at the Tokyo Motor Show later this fall. With any luck they'll go into production shortly thereafter.

The only downside is they are being touted as the 50-Scramber Concept One and the 50-Scrambler Concept Two. I hope the 50 means it's honouring it's Z50 heritage but with the 125cc Grom engine.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, I mean they look an awful lot like the old Z50 I owned as a kid.

Would I buy one? Hell ya, if it comes street-legal with the 125cc engine. That would be awesome. I'd feel like a 10 year old again, and I'd make plans to do some pretty cool adventures on that little thing. Newfoundland Trailway, Fundy Adventure Rally, complete off road loop of the Maritimes. You name it.

 Complete custom badass off-road Grom. If the factory Scrambler Grom never makes it Canada, maybe, just maybe I'll do a custom Grom build like this. Anyone else want to help?

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