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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cannonball Run 2016..............On a Scooter

Sometimes something comes along and it just happens to coincide with one of your bucket list items, and it also throws your previously made plans all to hell. Like the three wheels, three fins idea that just got shelved. So yes, Burt is off on another tangent again in the never ending search of two-wheeled adventure and fun.

The Cannonball Run. If you were a child of the 70's and 80's, like myself, you've seen every movie Burt Reynolds has been in, especially the ones he made with director Hal Needham. Classics like Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, and the Cannonball Run. Goofy fun loving movies revolving around the automobile and outrunning the law, or in this case Smokey Bear.

Now the only thing I have in common with Burt Reynolds is we share the same name........Burt, that and maybe I could grow a kickass 70's moustache like his, but it may take the better part of year.

Last week I'm scrolling through ADVRider and I come across a post in the Scooter section titled Scooter Cannonball. Whoa, what's this? Ya, a cross-country race on scooters from coast to coast.

If you have read any of my previous posts you'll know I have a thing for scooters. I think they are pretty awesome. My first street-legal bike was a 1984 Honda Elite 125. Which I wish I still had.

So I am always on the look out for anything scooter related. I've always thought it would be cool to ride across the continent on a scooter or small displacement motorcycle. Normally this would involve a month of riding, taking my time, stopping to smell the roses, green leafy plants that are legal in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, and sip the micro-beers. More or less a retirement trip.

Scooter Cannonball 2016...............3700 miles from Amelia Island Florida to Seattle Washington in 11 days. This is not a true Cannonball run, where you go fast as you dare, drive as long as possible and pick the fastest route to the finish line. This Cannonball is on a predetermined route with daily mileage and checkpoints. Points are awarded to teams or individual riders on time. More like a rally. Oh, and it's restricted to 250cc or less.

Initially I tried to talk my wife into joining me on this crazy assed adventure, her response was.........NO. Although I did notice some cracks in her normal armour, and she was somewhat open to the idea since it was on a scooter. The idea sort of passed when she heard it was 11 days of riding over 500km a day. She did say she would be part of the support team, if we go that route.

My sister-in-law was next on list. Angie has a Honda Jazz, and said yes right away. I don't hold a lot of faith in that since she has never really ridden more than 20km on two wheels. Who knows though, she might actually go through with this. She is a bit of wildcard. At least if she backs out I have time to recruit another crazy arsed sucker. Pete......you there? 

So what has to happen now? Time off needs to be arranged, and a budget needs to be calculated. Costs of buying a scoot, shipping said scoot to Orlando, and then back from Seattle. Airfare, hotels, I have to eat anyway so that is null and void. Then there are the endless miscellaneous costs.
Of course I'll video tape as much of this as possible for Bigland Films. However there has already been a documentary of the 2014 version. It's scheduled for release shortly. What direction I take remains to be seen, and I'm really on the fence if I want to do anything anyway. It just adds extra unneeded pressure. That is of course unless we can wrangle up some sponsors for this, and need some promo videos made.

The question all of you have been asking.........what scooter man? I have stay under 250cc, but really a maxi-scooter is almost like a motorcycle, and probably more comfortable so that would be no fun and less of challenge anyway. A 50cc would be tough, but doing this on a Ruckus would be so cool. 

The Ruckus is very cool, even the chicks dig it..........or are they making fun of them. Damn

Maybe it's the more mature women that like them

The Honda Grom, the ultimate monkey-bike. At 125cc it would be more than capable of the journey, however it is not a scooter per say.

Oh, and chicks dig the Grom too

Then there is the ever popular, the scooter of all scooters, The Vespa. Unless Vespa sponsors me, a new one is out of the question, these are the Ducati of scooters and have a big price tag. So a highly used one will be sought out if I go that route.

Who the hell knows, it's gonna be a long spring and the search is always fun.

Stay tuned as this adventure unfolds, or just plain folds and goes away. You know me.

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