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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

More Changes and Back to The Two-Wheeled Lifestyle

2016 had started off on the right foot. My triathlon training was going well, and I had high hopes for a good return to the sport. My swimming had bounced back really well, and so had my cycling. In fact I had come to enjoy riding more than anything else.

I had typed up a long bit about how my running was sucking, and how it was beating me up physically, but decided it was boring and suffice to say I have since given up running on the road and running long distances.

So I decided that instead of beating the shit out of myself and get injured pounding the pavement, that I would give up the Ironman dream and look to something else to keep me motivated. I already had an Ironman finish, was it a sign to look for something different.

I signed up for the Great Cycle Challenge. It's a cancer fundraiser where you set a mileage goal for the month of June, and people sponsor you. I set a fundraising goal of $1000 and 1000km. That's a lot of riding in a month. I even took a weeks vacation to ensure I get it done. To date I have raised $770 so far. My longest training ride was 93km, which felt pretty good. I have no trouble sitting on a bike for hours on end watching the world go by at 25-30kph.

If anyone would like to sponsor me and help kids fighting cancer click the link. Every little bit helps.

The Guzzi, the Guzzi, what about the Guzzi? Well..... I think it is all sorted out finally. After a lot of research, and seeing a video on youtube, the loud squealing noise was in fact a clutch adjustment issue. The slight whining noise from the gearbox.....appears to be a normal thing on some V7's. The dealer checked everything over, drained the gearbox oil and checked for metal bits, and supposedly the oil was clean. I also read that the V7's like to have the gearbox slightly overfilled, this also cuts down on the whine.

I have put a couple of hundred clicks on it so far and it seems good. Rode it home from the dealer that is an hour and half away. I still have 18 months of warranty, I hope I don't need it.

I go to East Rutherford, New Jersey for my annual flight simulator training at FlightSafety, because, really why would anyone voluntarily go to New Jersey.  It's a nice ride, I'll take two glorious days to get there via the backroads of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. After my week of boringly long ground school, and three days in the simulator where the instructors do they're best to try and kill you, I get to ride home again. Fun, fun, fun.

Why am I mentioning this?????? Well, I added a couple of accessories to the Goose. Most important one was the Dart Flyscreen. It's not the little one they sell, but the Merlin. I had heard good reviews for it, and it hasn't disappointed. On the highway it's a godsend. Takes all the wind blast from my chest and makes cruising at 100kph plus enjoyable. The airflow around my helmet is smooth, therefore no buffeting.

I also picked a new tank bag. It's a FirstGear Laguna GPS unit. I wasn't a fan of the GPS mount permanently installed on the bike, around town and for most of the riding I do I don't need a GPS. Plus on occasion I get to ride other bikes and need a GPS (Fundy Adventure Rally), so having a tank bag with a "mount" is ideal.

I installed a double USB power outlet on the handle bar, so I can charge the GPS, and my phone, and just about anything else. Works perfect. The tank bag has magnetic mounts so no straps to dull or scratch the paint on the Guzzi tank. It also comes with straps if I use it on bike with a plastic tank. Appears to be a nice well built bag.

The last time I rode to Joisey, I was on the mighty Vstrom. Now the one benefit to owning a Vstrom, is that it is so fugly that there really is never any fear of your bike being stolen. Unless the perpetrator is a Strom fan, and chances are they already have one.

The Guzzi is a beautiful bike and garners a lot of looks. The other day I was visiting a local sports store and when I walked out there was a guy admiring the Goose. That I don't mind, it's when admiration turns to wanton lust and criminal behaviour (not that that is prevalent in Jersey) and my lovely Guzzi disappearing in the back of blacked out panel van to an undisclosed location to have the serial number filed off so it can be shipped to the Middle East.

In an effort to deter such thievery, I bought a Grip-Lock.  It's a small deterrent that will help me sleep at night. I will probably get a nondescript cover to go over it as well. Maybe something with Honda written on it.

Other news.....well there maybe a big, and I mean big adventure in the works for 2017. It involves dirt, ADV, DS bikes and long trip. I have been invited to take part in the event, riding, filming, blogging, etc. Until it's all confirmed I'll leave you all guessing.

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