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Friday, 29 April 2016

On Any Fundy - Documentary on the Fundy Adventure Rally

We are in the middle of spring, sort of. Well at least that's what the calendar says, despite the recent dusting of snow in certain parts of Canada. In Newfoundland a spring dusting is 30cm.

After taking the winter off, and removing myself from the two-wheeled motorized world, I'm once again fired up to get the documentary on Fundy Adventure Rally finished up. Of course I have been racking my brain to come up with some kind of storyline. I finally have something figured out, and have started work on it. Last fall I went through all the video from 2015, and identified what was good, and what was not. There were many minutes of footage that went in the "not" category. Luckily there are a few good nuggets.

I also had a scare when I thought all the 2014 footage was lost, but luckily I discovered it backed up on a flash drive. Whew.

I still have to get some additional footage, interviews, and extra scenery shots.

I'll pick away at the editing over the summer and my plan is have the first showing of "On Any Fundy" at this years rally.

This years FAR looks to be another good one. BMW will be returning again, along with Honda Canada which will be exciting. I'm guessing there will be quite a line up for the Africa Twin demo.

Clinton Smout will be returning as well to show us how to ride our bikes, and entertain us with his unique brand of humour. If you've never taken his course, make sure you sign up, well worth it.

My plans for the rally are up in the air. One, I have to get some vacation time, and two, I need a bike. I'm sure the ol' Goose would more than handle the A routes with some scrambler tires on it. But why do that to a beautiful bike. So I may just show up on Friday and Saturday, help Rob and Courtney with Rally things.  I might, and it's a big might get a small DS bike and ride the rally. I still want a Honda CRF250L, but right now the monetary situation is looking a little bleak.

Hell, I might even just drop a copy of the movie off at Adair's on the Thursday, and bugger off on a road trip for a few days instead and skip the 2016 edition. Nah..... it's too much fun, even if I don't ride it, just hanging around and helping out would be a blast. Plus I could probably scam a bike or two for a dirt ride.

My birthday is coming up in May, and that's also the buy a new bike month. Maybe my generous wife will surprise me. 

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