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Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Cousin Pascoe and Two Weeks to Go

On Sunday it will be two weeks until our departure for the "big" ride. It kind of feels surreal right now, something we have been planning for close to year has just about arrived. I'm getting excited and nervous all at the same time.

From the CBC website

Our family had a big scare last week, and it also drove home the dangers of riding the TLH. My cousin Pascoe Puddister was involved in a head on collision just outside of Churchill Falls with a road grader. What would have been definitely lethal to someone on a motorcycle, proved almost fatal for my cousin in a transport truck. According to the accident report (and I have only heard this through my father) the grader was going the wrong way on the wrong side of the road in dusty conditions when the collision took place.

Pascoe's right leg was partially trapped under the dash of the truck, and barely escaped through the window before the cab was consumed with fire. His foot was so badly damaged from trying to wrestle it free from the collapsed dash the doctors are not sure if they will be able to save his foot. He is still in hospital in St. John's.

The fire was so bad that a water bomber from the Province was called in to extinguish the blaze.


Video of water bomber from Milestone Media on Youtube.

Pascoe, I hope you heal up fast and everything is good so you can get behind the wheel again.

What have we got left to do? Pete and I have to sit down and figure out what gear we are taking, so there is not a duplication of stuff to keep the weight down. We only need one set of tools between us, plus any bike specific tools. Tire repair kit for me, tubes for Pete, and a small air compressor. I have a small set of cables for a battery boost if needed. I have a wired GPS, and a DC plug for charging ipad's, helmet Comms etc.

My bike needs an oil change which I'll do next week before I install the new skidplate, and then I have to go over every nut and bolt with loctite. Other than that I think the ol' girl is pretty much ready to go. Touch wood.

We should be all set for camping gear, don't really plan on cooking too much at the campsites, mostly drinkin' and coffee for the morning. Rum and a tin of Vienna sausages should get us through just about anything. 

I think I will upgrade my tent to something a little larger so I can keep my helmet, boots, etc inside at night. The one I have now is pretty tight for space, plus I am not completely trustworthy of its waterproofness, it was $69 at the Bass Pro Shop in Orlando. 

However I'm not sure if it still rains on The Rock anymore with all this global climate change and all, maybe I don't need a rain fly. I hear it's raining money over in St John's right now, the black gold is making it the leading city in economic growth in Canada. Far cry from when I lived there.

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