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Monday, 19 August 2013

One Week to Go

HOLY SHIT!!!! In less than a week's time we will be rolling out the driveway on our two week, 4100 kilometer adventure to "The Big Land". I can't believe it almost here, we've been planning, and dreaming of this for over a year. I don't think there was a day that didn't go by, that I never thought of the trip. I've made about 6 lists of what gear we will need with us. Now all I have to do is figure out what goes, what stays, and where it's all gonna go on the bike.

Tools and spares, at the bottom of the sidecases, keep the weight low, and I hope to not have to use them. My riding jacket and pant liners plus camera gear will be within easy reach, I'll keep all my camping gear and clothes in my waterproof North Face bag strapped to the rear seat. One camera, phone and ipad will go in my tankbag.

The last couple of days were spent picking up odds and ends. Purchased a new North Face tent, thanks to Sean at River and Trail in Rothesay. Really nice shop, Pete and I got most of our camping gear from Sean, tents, sleeping bags, etc. I tried out the tent the other night, slept out on the back deck, really nice. I couldn't get anyone to join for a camp out, not even the dog. She thought the couch was way to comfortable to move. Labs.

Took a spin down to Maclean's, the Suzuki dealer, got some oil and a filter off of Steve, aka Chicken on the NBDSC (New Brunswick Dual Sport Club) website. Hit The Source and Future Shop for some extra SD cards, mini tripod, a GoPro suction mount, a spare battery that doesn't fit and a camera lense filter that doesn't fit. Frig, I hate returning stuff. Then it was over to Crappy Tire for a mini air compressor, tire plugs, JB Weld and some plastic tubing. Now I have to get off my procrastinating ass get the oil changed and get the skidplate installed. Something I'm not looking forward to is taking off the sidestand bolts, they are supposed to be a real bugger.

I am still debating on getting some new boots. The Fox MX boots I have are nice, but bulky and it is a little awkward shifting with them on the strom. My Joe Rockets are half a size small and my feet get sore/cramped after a full day of riding. Plus the velcro closures are almost worn out. Kim will shoot me if she sees another pair of boots come in the house. However I'd love to have a pair of these Gaerne's. Time to put the Fox's up for sale.

The Sena SMH-5 works really well so far. The last couple of weeks I haveonly been listening to the radio with it. Yesterday however I paired to my Blackberry and while out riding my daughter Maggie called me, the audio was crisp and clear and she didn't seem to have any issues hearing me while cruising around the city. Very cool. I have to help Pete get his hooked up and we'll be all set. I think this will make the ride safer and we'll be able to plan our stops much better.

It's now Monday morning, I flew yesterday, and I'm heading out again today for another two days. On top of all this I traded in our two old cars for a new VW Golf wagon. Yes a wagon, a soccer mom, old guy car. Well my daughter plays soccer and I am getting old, but aging gracefully. It's a cool car, with room for the the pooch and space on the roof for the paddle boards. Plus 0% financing. Gotta love free money. I was supposed to pick it up last Thursday, but for some reason the car is still at the Autoport terminal in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. So picking that up is gonna take up half a day this week. Then it's gonna sit in my driveway for two weeks. I hope the new car smell doesn't fade away. It's a powerful, hypnotic, sweet smell that I so enjoy.

I think we are almost all set, spoke to Dad last night, and we have a place to stay in St. Anthony, he talked to one of Mom's cousins up there and an invitation was offered up. He also used to live in Wabush so he might be able to arrange something there too. My cousin in Goose knows we are almost enroute, and an Advrider.com inmate offered us a place to crash there too. Damn this is gonna be fun, can't wait to go. 

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