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Friday, 23 August 2013

The Last Days Before Departure

It's Friday, two days to go before the Rock becomes my home again, at least a temporary home. This week has been productive so far, as productive as the ultimate procrastinator can get. 

The bike is ready to go, one final chain cleaning and lube and it is set. Procrastination again. Oil and filter have been changed, new skidplate has been installed, tightened up everything that needs tightening, and fixed my wobbly GPS mount.

I went through what tools I may need, assorted wrenches, allen keys,sockets, tire repair, air compressor, JB Weld, etc, and have it packed down low in the sidecases, and in a small tool tube under the seat.

I started packing clothes last night, don't really need a lot, gonna be in riding gear almost all the time, and you can get 3-4 days out of pair of underwear. As long as I ride up wind of Pete so I don't have to smell him we are good, don't want to be too clean, it just attracts bugs. Camping gear is minimal. No need for a lot of cooking supplies, really all we need is the ability to make coffee in the morning. No one is going anywhere without coffee in the morning. 

Our new stickers came in this week. Thanks to Andrew at Signs Plus in Saint John.

The bikes and helmets have been decorated accordingly. If anyone wants one send me a note, just pay for the postage and it's yours. Let's say a loonie for anywhere in North America. For you non-Canucks, that's a dollar.

My new car finally showed up this week, only took two weeks. The delay was no fault of Saint John Volkswagen, it was the shipping company, and according to the sales manager it's the last time they are using them. 

If you are looking to buy a VW in the Saint John area go see Colleen Quigg, she was awesome to deal with. It's our second VW we bought from her. She's not pushy, knows her stuff, and goes out of her way to keep the customer happy. 

So I am now officially a station wagon driving soccer dad. For $30K out the door the Golf is a hell of nice driving, well appointed car.

Yesterday, I met with Zak Kurylyk from Canada Moto Guide.com, a online motorcycle magazine, based out of all places New Brunswick. Zak is the assistant editor. Pete and I have met with him before after trading a bunch of emails.

Zak had done a documentary film making seminar at the Overland Expo with Austin Vince of "Mondo Enduro" fame, so he passed along some tips that he remembered from being there. Let's face it, without Hemmings being by our side, we need all the help we can get. I'll also be sending along daily updates and short videos where possible to Zak, to hopefully be posted on CMG.

Anyway it's 0545 on Friday morning, been awake since 0450. Can't sleep. I am either really excited to go to work for the last day, or it's the upcoming adventure keeping me up. I'll take door number 2 Johnny. 

Never friggin' fails, the day before you start vacation you end up flying all day, looks like a 13hr day today, and will most likely be the last airplane home tonight. If I was on call this weekend, my week would have most likely finished on Wednesday.

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY, BIG departure after the the BIG family brunch, on the BIG adventure for the BIG LAND.

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