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Friday, 6 December 2013

New Honda Cub, or now as it is known The Cross Cub

Ok, so how cool would it be to take one of these, or two, and go on an extended bike trip to parts unknown. Maybe a 10 day to two week trip across the T'railway Train in Newfoundland, or all summer on Trans Canada Adventure Trail (TCAT)

This is Honda's new Cross Cub, a fuel injected modernized version of the world's best selling motorcycle, the Honda Cub, which has been sold more than 60 million times. You would think with 60 million units out there, there would be more around North America. But no, they are as rare as hen teeth on Kijiji. 

No one really knows if it is going to be released in North America, I have my fingers crossed, and have started a Cross Cub procurement fund. I think this would complement the big Strom quite nicely, and my wife would enjoy riding it. Hell maybe we need two.

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