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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Work Begins on Part 4, and Plans For Next Year

It's been a busy week at work, I've been away flying a lot, however I did manage to get started on episode 4. So hopefully I should have something out by New Years or shortly afterwards. It should be good, lots of big waterfalls, we meet Jimmy and a really nice couple from BC,  my bike develops a small mechanical, and we say goodbye to Labrador.

Pete and I have been discussing our plans for next year, trying to figure out what we can do, and we decided to combine our love for all things two-wheeled and our love of surfing and stand up. Yes folks, that's right we are planning a motorcycle SUP trip.

I know what your all thinking…….."how the hell are they going to carry two 9ft plus SUPs on bikes?" Well there's inflatable SUP's, that can roll up into the size of a big sleeping bag, or we somehow convince Ural, or Royal Enfield to loan us to bikes with sidecars for a couple of weeks. Good luck wit dat….. Inflatable SUP's it is.

Oh and to add to the fun, we decided that maybe we'll do the trip on bikes we purchase for less than $1000.  Something like an old Nighthawk 450 or XS400.

 or maybe I'll see if I can find my old scoot from 1984 and go on that, a Honda Elite 125
or if we really want to get crazy, maybe Honda will give us two 125cc Groms for a couple of weeks, now that would be funny.

"Where too" you ask. Canada's Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia. Known for some of the best surf on the east coast and just a short ferry boat ride across the Bay of Fundy. What can be better on film than camping, SUP surfing, bikes, and the hijinks that go along with it. 

This time, we have learned from our mistakes, and will capture more interesting things on film, and come back with a really kick-ass web-series.

Ok how long until summer? Oh right it just became winter. Shit. Where's my happy light and my anti-depressants. Remember I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Ask anyone who works with me. Like Pudge, he just flew with me, "Terry constantly complains about winter, hates the cold, hates the snow, hates the job, why do I live here, it sucks, etc, etc" I am rambling again. sorry.

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