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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Next Years Two Wheeled Project/Adventure

I won't lie, I have an untold love for the scooter. Don't know why, but I just love the damn things. Maybe because I had one as a teenager, and we have one in the garage now that I love to rip around on. I think its the simplicity, jump on, twist your wrist and go. No other form of transportation can be this much fun under 70kph.

So this love of scootering had me thinking of what could be our next adventure to be filmed for your viewing pleasure. How about the two of us....Pete and I, maybe more if we can find anyone stupid enough to join us, invading the east coast of the good ol' US of A on Italian scooters. If your gonna scooter, it best be on a Vespa.

Invade the USA? Well just the east coast anyway, a two week trip from Madawaska Maine in the far north(well it's not that far north, not as far as Labrador anyway), all the way south to Key West, in the Sunshine State, with a stop in Washington DC to recreate the War of 1812 and burn down the White House. (Department of Homeland Security and the fine paranoid folks at the NSA that are spying on us, I'm kidding, I'm not really gonna burn down the White House....we come in peace, and in search of good beer)

Oh, and as an added spin on things, we are going to checkout the best micro breweries that the east coast of the USA has to offer along the way. I figure this is THE only way I am gonna convince Pete to come along on this one.

So sometime next year, possibly in the fall, Pete and Terry will once again hit the road seeking adventure, good beer, new people, and whatever interesting things can occur in a 4000km, two week scootering adventure.

Now to sell the Vstrom and get one of these.

Or one of these

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