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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Fundy Adventure Rally

I received an interesting email last week from 'Arris the editor of Canada Moto Guide. He want to know if I would like to attend the first annual Fundy Adventure Rally being held here in New Brunswick in September. In exchange for getting into the rally for free, and free is good, I would shoot some video and edit together a small promo video. No problem......well in theory, no problem.

Click on the banner for more info and how to register for the rally

The part that may require some big effort and a lot of pain, is that the rally, which is 12hrs and 500km of dirt road and trail, is...........six days after our ultra marathon, the Deer Lake 67. Now, Pete and I ran a very hard, hilly, 6500ft of climbing and descending, 42km yesterday, in the hot sun for 5hrs and 35mins on the logging roads around Sussex. Today I feel like someone beat up my quads with a sledgehammer. The thought of standing or god forbid crouching (that hurts, and going down stairs) on the pegs of a BMW 800GS for 12 hours is haunting.

I won't be participating in the rally per say, more riding it, getting video, and doing some sweeping, for lost, and broken down riders. Perfect.

25km into a 42km run

"Whoa..... wait a minute...800GS, but you have a Vstrom 1000" Yes that is correct. I forgot to mention the good editor 'Arris promised me an 800GS to ride for the rally, since it was being sponsored by BMW and they are going to have demo bikes on hand. Achtung Baby. So with the help of some Advil and possibly Rub A535 on my legs I will be there.

He also asked me to do a presentation on our trip across Labrador, so with the help of an edited video, I can do that. I'm sure the presentation is designed to help everyone go to sleep before the big day of riding.

By Rob Harris, CMG
The Fundy Adventure Rally is designed for all Adventurists
The Fundy Adventure Rally (FAR) is a 12 hour, 500+km loop that uses easy dirt and gravel roads designed to accommodate all adventure bikes with a minimum front wheel size of 19-inches (cast or spokes) and stock(ish) tires.
There will be some more challenging options for those so inclined
There will be some more challenging options for those so inclined.
The main idea is to accommodate all dual sport and Adventure riders, from the relative novice who has yet to really venture off-road to the experienced off-roader looking for a bit of a challenge on an adventurous, picturesque, and memorable loop.
Of course, either way the real challenge is the distance but we’ve designed the loop to follow a road route quite closely, allowing riders who are getting tired or falling behind to hop onto the pavement and either catch up or merely finish the event in ease.
Doesn’t sound like a challenge? Well Mr Knievel, just for you we’ve added lots of technical options to accommodate the rider who wants a bit more of a challenge and has a suitable machine (21-inch front wheel, more aggressive tires, and some engine protection) to match. Although these options will vary in difficulty, the idea is to still enable big bikes with a suitable set up and capable rider to ride them.

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