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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Next Year's Adventure Amended

Alright, I'm sure next years trip will change a half dozen or more times before it even gets close to kicking off. Scooters.....well I do love them, but lets be honest, I, I mean we, are not getting any younger and after a lot of thought.....sitting on a scooter for 2 weeks, with limited space for gear maybe a bit much for my 45 year old bones. 

So, my second love is a Ural, have wanted one for awhile, and those of you who know me, know that I have two awesome Labs, that I would love to take riding with me, aka I need a sidecar. 

So, I think the Vstrom will go for sale in the fall, and next year I will pick myself up a Ural Gear-Up. Two wheel drive, now they are fuel-injected with dual disc brakes. Yes believe it or not Ural has updated the bike from the 1930's. It is off roadable (not sure that is a word) so I can still adventure ride, and look really cool and hip while doing it. I mean that is the most important part right?

The plan still stays the same, invade the USA in Madawaska, this time on a Russian motorcycle, and Pete's ol' KLR or whatever he wants to ride, and hit a bunch of micro breweries and places of interest on our way down Route 1 to Key West Florida, which may or may not be a great kick off point for a Cuban invasion the following year.

Oh....and our good buddy Greg Hemmings, of Hemmings House Pictures wants to come along this time. I think we either make him suffer in the sidecar, or put him on the biggest piece of shit bike we can find. He can carry the bearspray this time.

Between Pete and Greg we can busker for gas money with the boys and their dualing ukeleles. I can play a mean set of spoons or the bongos. Yeehaa

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