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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Getting Geared Up - Olympia Motosports Gear Arrives

So, like I said in the previous post, it's raining, actually looking out the window its pouring, rivers of water are running down the street. I may as well be productive and start going over what we have, and what we will need for this trip.

My bike as it sits, is almost ready to go. I've decided that I'm going to install some Continental TKC80's right before we leave. Out of everything I've read they are the best ones for gravel and asphalt. The VStrom is such a big bike I don't want to be fighting it too much on the TLH. I have some Metzeler Tourances being installed soon for everyday riding and easy gravel road riding.

I have a good luggage set, but would like to get some soft saddle bags, like Wolfman ones, and a big duffel bag. I just don't know how the GIVI cases will hold up in the event of a tip over or crash. They are great for around town and trips on the road, the TLH is another story. I have a Wolfman tankbag and love it. It's been with me for 5 years. The Wolfman gear will also work really well on the KLR.

I also need a tire repair kit, air compressor, some heated handgrips and a new helmet.

For the heated handgrips I'll probably go with Oxford, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. My helmet is on it's last legs, and I am really agonizing over what to replace it with. I'd love to have an Arai XD4, but they are just too expensive for me.

I then thought about going to an open faced helmet, might be better for talking to people on camera, but then again it won't hide my ugly mug either, plus it won't give me as much protection. Oh the decisions. Maybe a module helmet?
Stop the presses.................FEDEX is here with a big box.

Hurray, our new gear from Olympia Motosports is here. Kevin Rhea has kindly donated 2 sets of X-Moto riding gear for Peter and I.

Terry's jacket and pants

This stuff is awesome, best gear I have ever had, and some of the nicest I've seen. We won't be cold, wet or hot with this on. The built in drinking bladder is awesome, since I tend to get thirsty and dehydrated on long rides. Both the jacket and pants look very well made, almost bomb proof.

 Peter's coat 

The other items we need, is some camping gear. I have a tent already, a nice one-man. But my sleeping bag is close to 40 years old, no lie. My Aunt Donna gave it to me when we lived in our first house, which I moved out of in third grade. So for the sake of not freezing to death I might splurge and get a newer model. Plus I need an inflatable sleeping pad, and we will both need some cooking pots, utensils, stove, and small axe. Plus probably a few more things I either haven't thought of, or I'm forgetting. 

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