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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Possible Plans for Next Year and Why Doesn't Honda Sponsor Me

Where do we go next year? Continuing across Canada is a no brainer, but what route do we take? A big part of me wants to continue on the TCAT (Trans Canada Adventure Trail). That would be something to film, and really be an adventure. Imagine riding dirt, logging road, ATV trails all the way across Canada. I know I am getting a little ahead of myself because we are still 3 months away from leaving on our current trip.

It would take another 4 weeks to complete from Baie Comeau. Maybe we could do a combination of TCAT, and main roads. Two weeks at time of course, because sometimes I just get carried away, and forget that I have a full time job, wife, kids, dog, cat, lots of bills, and only five weeks of vacation a year.

Another possibility is that we won't be finished with Newfoundland and will have to go back to do the whole railway trail. The Rock has a way of dragging you back.

Depending on our plan, I may dualsport the XR250. Be pretty cool to work my way across the country an 11 year old 250. It is a simple reliable bike that I wouldn't mind using to ride down through Mexico too.

Last years Breast Cancer Enduro race in Sussex

But me being the dumbass that I can be, bought the bike with no registration papers. "Why the hell did you do that" you ask. Brain fart..... I saw this bike on Kijiji, and when I went to go look at it, it was mint, and I had to have it. With lust in my eyes I bought it. It was a dirt bike, who registers a dirt bike? Well alot of people I guess. The previous owner bought it in Maine and imported into Canada, paid the GST. However he did not register it with the province and pay the PST. He rode it on private land only. 

So now it has become a major pain in the arse for me to get this thing legally registered. I hate this province in the fact that they tax us to death. But that is a whole other rant. I have to get the previous owner to register it in the province, and pay the PST, remember the GST was paid at the border. Then he has to sign it over to me so, get this, I can pay HST (GST & PST) on what I paid for the bike and register the bike in my name. Goat fuck, a royal one. And this is just to get an offroad plate. 

To make it legal for the road, I have to put a dualsport kit on it, and re-register it again, I think, or maybe I can get it road plated right from the beginning, who knows. Anyone from Honda Canada out there want to give me a CRF250L. I can be a really good spokesman for Honda, I really can, really. I mean who can sell more bikes, a 40-something year old, wannabe part-time adventure rider, or a 20-something year old professional MX rider launching huge jumps, and dating Monster Energy Rockstar models. Twenty year olds have no money, its the my age demographic that has the cash.....ah shit, wait a minute.......I don't have any money either, but I know a lot of people my age do, or at least have a good line of credit.

Yooohooo, Honda......are you out there, call me, email is good too. I'm waiting. (the sound of crickets)

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