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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Meeting Dwight aka Kedgi on ADVRider.com

This morning Peter and I drove up to the town of Shediac, located just outside of Moncton. It is known for it's nice beaches, warmish water (in the summer and it is the maritimes) and it's French flair. However most people do not know of it being the home of man who rode his motorbike all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America.

Dwight, better known to the world on www.advrider.com as Kedgi agreed to meet up with Peter and I this morning to talk about his trip(s) over the TLH last year, and his 5 month journey to South America.

Dwight is from Saint John, NB, and is a retired air traffic controller. He has lived in various places across Canada, and has settled down in Shediac with his wife Angele to be close to her family. There is probably a very good chance that he has told me where to go on more than one occasion in the past........ as he most likely handled the airplane I was flying.

If any of you have read his ride report http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=832336&highlight=lobsters+llamas Lobsters to Llamas, Maritimes to Argentina(it's a must read), you can pretty much figure out that Dwight is very humble, and down to earth guy, who just returned from an adventure of a lifetime. We spent the morning looking at the many pictures from his trips, and sat mesmerized by the stories of his adventures. I never thought I'd be wishing for my retirement years so I can go on biking journeys that went on for months. An OLN film crew should have been with him for the five months.

Both he and his wife were gracious hosts and have invited us up again later in the summer for an evening of BBQ, beers, story telling and listening to Jimmy Buffett. We cannot wait for that.

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