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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Home Support Team

In my first post I wrote mostly about Peter and I and mentioned the kids and our pets, but I left out the most important people in our lives...........our wives. I did this on purpose because they deserve their own post.

This is my wife Kim. She's an amazing woman, an expert at multitasking and loves being busy, which is good because with two daughters 9 and 12 years old it can be a crazy house. On top of that, she works 5 days a week. The best part, she tolerates my crazy ideas, doesn't give me any grief when I take off on bike trips, surf trips, or whatever hair brained plan I have come up with. Plus, she is now used to me being gone for long periods of time at work and is able to keep the household running without me. Actually she really doesn't need me at all, she's pretty handy with a mitre saw, nail gun and drill, and is generally more handy around the house than I'll ever be. She is the Cheech to my Chong.

Kim is from Fredericton and was a former flight attendant (guess how we met?) She understands the reasons for my trip, and why I need to do this now rather than later. Kim lost both her parents at a young age. Her mom Joan passed from cancer at the age of 54, and her father Tom at 61. That's pretty damn young in my opinion. Right around the retirement age........the age people are waiting to do their "thing" So maybe part of my trip is for Joan and Tom too.

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  1. Hi Terry

    Pat McGinley here.

    Well, first off this is an awesome blog and a great adventure before you and Peter and it makes me a bit envious as it is a route that has always been in my plans. if you are shy behind the camera you are definitely entertaining in the written word.

    I especially liked your back of the mind reasons for doing this adventure and putting it out their that life must be lived because we all only have one of them.

    I have been motorcycle touring in Republic of Ireland and the UK for over 5 years now and am heading back soon for a couple weeks on my BMW1200GS. A good friend of mine owns a motorcycle rental and touring company in Dublin (Celtic Rider). I love the mixed road conditions of Ireland, from the ancient celtic sheep paths to modern EU motorways and although Ireland is only the size of New Brunswick the distance to circumnavigate the island is almost the same distance from St John's to Victoria (and I have done every inch of the that coastal ride and have continued to explore all over Ireland over the last many years). I think the Irish road system was designed by some ancient Celt that dreamed of the coming of the motorcycle.

    I think your upcoming adventure will be full of rewarding challenges and obstacles to over come and that is what gives life to our existence on this planet. I look forward to following your adventure along the way and I hope OLN is smart enough to pick it up and give us 35 to 55 plus people some real reality TV and show the fast majority of Canadians what much of our country looks like.

    If you ever want to add Ireland to your adventures let me know.

    Cheers and Great Adventure to You