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Friday, 24 May 2013

I Just Want To Go..........Now

I've been on vacation for the last week, and other than our trip to meet Dwight in Shediac it's more or less been a bust. My wife Kim has been away on a cruise to Bermuda with her sister and brother, having fun (cruises aren't my thing, a food and booze excursion with 3000 other people I'm not particularly fond of isn't fun to me) So I have been home parenting solo for the week. I don't mind that at all, it's actually kinda nice to be home with kids by myself to see what Kim goes through when I'm away.

The problem this week has been the weather, it just plain sucks. Will it ever stop raining, I think we had one evening of sun where we got 2 hours before the damn thing hid behind the horizon again, never to return. I was optimistic for the weekend but then this appeared along with a heavy rainfall warning. Almost 100mm of fuckin' rain, seriously, there's mold growing on me from all the rain. So the weekend is rain filled, and then it's back to work all next week. I think the fact I'm only going to see Kim part of one day in over two weeks is adding to my grumpiness.

I don't mind riding in the rain, but enough is enough. So being house bound for the last week and with the kids in school I have been busy planning and re-planning this trip of ours. I have also been trying to figure out different approaches for selling this thing to OLN, stuff that they would be really interested in without selling ourselves out and turning this into some corny reality show. Hemmings must be drove nuts with the emails I've been sending him. 

One thought was to ditch the big bikes, and do this whole thing on old Honda CT90's and/or 110's
or see if Honda Canada (anyone have any friends or connections) loan us a couple of their new CRF250L's. I am a sucker for small bikes. Plus anyone can do it on a big bike. Honda Canada if you're reading this, we promise to give them back when we're finished.

I'm really starting to get impatient and desperately to get away on a bike trip. I think I have a free week the first week of June, and I'm gone for a couple of days. Be a good time for Pete and I to get a couple of days of riding and camping in.

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