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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pete's First Big Ride

Today was a crazy day, running around trying to figure out exactly what we need before heading off on our trip tomorrow. Oil and filter change, clean and lube the chain, and start packing. To top it off, we are pretending to be the studly adventurers by camping.

Tools, first aid kit in one pannier, air compressor, and clothes in the other. Camping gear in the big black bag. Camera gear in tank bag, and rain liners, and miscellaneous in the top case. How the hell do people go for a year on a bike, and where did I put that kitchen sink?

The Strom looking a little naked without the luggage.

Now I haven't camped in over 20 years. Heading to Northern Bay Sands park on the May 2-4 weekend (Victoria Day weekend everywhere but Newfoundland) with a load of beer and a 40 of rum, one tent that never gets put up properly, and a sleeping bag that will get covered in puke before dawn was my last kick at the can with regards to camping.

So in the last couple of days, I had to dust off the tent that I bought 4 years ago, and never used. Figure out how it works, buy a sleeping bag (remember the one I have is from 1975, thanks Aunt Donna) and thermorest pad. That's the basics. Pete has a cooker, a pot and I have a small lantern. Now I thought Pete was a bit of a woodsman, but I found out he had just bought a tent two days ago as well. What else do we need? Credit card for the closest hotel? I figure at best it should make for some interesting video.

I have also been trying to figure out where we are going and what route. The plan started with us going to Nova Scotia with my two Harley riding friends, Goggles and Deek. Unfortunately we were supposed to leave on Friday and come home Sunday. Cool. Then the forecast changed and it looks like rain for Saturday and Sunday. Plus, I remembered the local family fun run was Sunday morning, something my whole family was partaking in. We moved it up to Thursday. Well Goggles and Deek cannot make it out to play on Thursday. Deep down I think Pete was worried about riding a lot of highway (the four lane crap) with his inexperience level and on the KLR, trying to keep up with the Hogs. I completely understand. Also, I think the camping thing had Deek and Goggles thinking of other options for a trip. I understand that too. I feel like I was caught in the middle between the Hog boys, Deek and Goggles, and Pete. Unfortunately the trip for the four of us unraveled, and I feel bad about it.

Tomorrow morning we head out for Mount Carlton, via downtown(uptown as they call it here) Saint John to stop at Hemmings House Pictures to pick up an HD video camera. It is then northbound on secondary, and forestry roads (dirt). I just hope we have everything. If we don't....... we'll wing it.

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  1. ...Havent Camped? I seem to remember a certain windsurfing vacation where someone got bitten by bugs...legs swole up... and then proceeded to drink beer until the wind picked up... and when it did - "someone" couldn't sail. What a time! See ya on the rock!