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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day Ride

What a beautiful weekend in New Brunswick, for the first time this year it finally felt like summer. The rain let up after what seemed like a month of monsoon weather.

Pete and I managed to sneek out today for a couple of hours to enjoy Father's Day on the bikes. We took off towards Hampton and ended up over on the Kingston Peninsula. Beautiful riding, on a nice mix of gravel and ashphalt roads. We ended up dropping in on some of Pete's family at their cottage.

I was feeling pretty grumpy, no actually really crusty, as my wife called it. Part of my fustration was changing a flat tire on the XR, which is a pain in the arse. Anyway the ride helped clear out the cobwebs and put me in a proper state of mind again.

Thanks to my wife and kids for getting me Glen Heggstad's book "Two Wheels Through Terror" for my Father's Day present.

Next big trip is a possible run back to Northern New Brunswick and up to Quebec City.

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  1. OK, Two Wheels Through Terror will be an eye opener. Its quite simply one of the most amazing personal stories I've read from the overland community. But in the end it's his state of mind that captures you and makes you think of your own life.

    Great choice - happy reading and safe travels to both of you!

    duane forrester - seattle, wa