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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Videos of the Trip and What did we Learn?

Pete and I had a great trip, as you can see from the previous posts. So what did I learn? Getting good video footage takes a lot of work and planning. Riding on two motorcycles where you are completely isolated from the other rider makes communicating to set up a shot, or even stop for shot very difficult. So I think we are going to need some kind of rider to rider communication system.

Pete needs a GoPro for his bike/helmet, and we both need small HD vid cameras. The more footage the better. Also extra batteries for the cameras. We had no way of charging our stuff at Mount Carleton, no electricity there.

We also need to pay more attention to filming dialogue when its windy, and try to postion the camera so the built in mic is out of the wind. 

According to my wife I also have to stop mumbling on camera and start speaking louder and clearer. I accept that. Remember my fear of public speaking and being on camera. Facing your fears.

Also we need to do more research into where we are going and to be more diligent in getting good footage and stopping more often to document where we have been. Plus, less photos, more video.

I'm gonna have to buy "Videography for Dummies" if there is such a thing. 

I'm sure Pete will chime in with any of his observations as well.

Here are the vids, hope you enjoy them

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