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Monday, 24 June 2013

Pete - El Diablo Farkles...... WTF


I spent the better part of Sunday June 23 adding farkles to El Diablo. What are farkles you may ask. Well as far as I can ascertain farkles are after market add ons, or all the stuff that wasn't stock and should have been on a KLR.  I believe this is a very male affliction, I mean adding after markets. I imagine it is the evolutionary equivalent to a dog pissing on a tree. We add after markets on our toys to say its mine! 

If you google klr 650 mods ( mods which is short for modifications) you will see image after image of KLR's  fully festooned in farkles. Some are as benign as new grips (I did this today), to as complex as custom side cars ( the guy promised his wife a side car if she let him get a bike - dollars to donuts she rode in it twice before figuring out the family car is way more comfortable).

Any way the list of farkles I added to day are; gel grips (will improve my death grip on the bars), new foot pegs (toothy bastards that are less slippery than the stock rubber champs),longer shift leaver (will accommodate my kick ass Iicon size 11 riding boots) and finally a good chain cleaning, adjustment and lube (not technically a farkle but a necessity).

My next job will be to add my crash bars. I suspect this will happen next weekend, however I need to understand the install before undertaking this major farkle. 

As I sip a fine Chardonnay, oops I'm a biker now, Old Turkey. I dream of the day when I actually under stand how the transmission works.

Until next weekend. 

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  1. A transmission is a complicated system of levers and pulleys