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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The VStrom 1000 and Where is the Promo Vid

I was surfing through the internet early this morning, and came upon a great article(s) at Motorcycle USA on my bike, the Suzuki Vstrom 1000. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/289/1656/Motorcycle-Article/Memorable-MC-Suzuki-DL-1000-V-Strom.aspx

I'd have to echo every statement Frank Melling has written about the bike. My one and really only gripe is the clutch chudder. At certain RPM and under hard acceleration there is some vibration caused by this. Apparently it is not an issue, won't damage the bike, or leave me stranded on the side of the road, but it is a slight annoyance. The solution is a new clutch basket........something I am not mechanically capable of doing on my own, and it's something that sounds like it will cost a lot of money..........something else I am lacking in at the moment. Damn I hope we get picked up by OLN so we can get some more sponsors.

Speaking of OLN, the promo video is complete and has been sent off. Now we wait to see if Pete and I are worthy of occupying a space on the small screen. If you are one of those people with a 50" LCD in your living room, then it's a big screen.

Unfortunately at this time I cannot share the promo video with you, it's secret squirrel stuff, and we don't want anyone stealing the idea. Once I am given the thumbs up we'll post it. I will say the incredibly talented editors at Hemmings House managed to make Pete and I look reasonably good.

Back to the Strom. Like I have mentioned before, it is the best bike I have owned so far, and fits my needs to a T. It's physically big, so it is very comfortable for long periods of riding. Plenty of power, the bike hauls, but it is very manageable power, not sportbike crazy pull your arms out power.

I initially thought the ergos when standing on the pegs was odd, but I have since become accustom to it, and can ride for extended periods of time standing on the pegs comfortably.

Before Pete and I head out for Labrador I do need to invest in a metal skid plate and a center stand. I was going to get some soft-sided Wolfman panniers, but I think I'll save the cash and keep my GIVI luggage on.

If anyone out there is thinking about a good budget, and highway friendly adventure bike, I highly recommend checking out either the 650 or 1000 Vstrom's. Getting one fully equipped and modded for a long adventure will save you a lot of money over the higher end European bikes.

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